Apple stock jumps 4.5% on iPod speculation

Apple stock jumps 4.5% on iPod speculation


Since the next iPod, no matter what it is, is pretty much guaranteed to be a mega best-seller, the mere rumor of an impending iPod announcement is enough to send Apple’s stock price upwards.

With speculation running high that Apple’s mysterious announcement next Tuesday could include new iPods, perhaps including a video model and an iPod phone (along with the iTunes movie store), the stock price of Apple jumped by 4.5%. Even with that siginificant increase, the majority of analysts are still suggesting that Apple is a strong buy.

This isn’t the first time that we have heard rumors of new devices, but these ones are being taken more seriously for a couple of reasons. First, the September 12 event is being played up as a major event. Second, a couple of very influential analysts are confident that the iPod phone is a reality that has moved beyond just being a concept or a prototype and is now in a production phase.