Windows Earth Mobile optimized for WinMo devices

Windows Earth Mobile optimized for WinMo devices


PDA phones are glorious devices. They can do everything a regular cell phone can do — make and receive phone calls, take pictures, play music, etc. — and so much more. If you’re not rocking a portable GPS unit for your ride, using Windows Earth Mobile on your Windows Mobile smartphone just might be the ticket.

The interface appears to be quite intuitive (of course the sample pic is one of California), giving you access to either true satellite photographs of the area, or, if you want something a little easier to read, it’ll pump out the usual map view that you’re used to. Plug in two addresses and it’ll even provide you with turn-by-turn directions.

Windows Earth Mobile is powered by Windows Live Local and is designed with the smaller screens of smartphones in mind. In this way, they “fit” a lot better than the maps you’d be able to view on Google Maps through Opera Mobile, for example.

If you’re not completely up to speed, fret not, because this virtual earth is compatible with both WM5 and the older Windows Mobile 2003.