SanDisk preps an MP3 player dock of their own

SanDisk preps an MP3 player dock of their own


Despite what the army of glossy white accessories out there may lead you to believe, not all DAP docks on the market are catered to the ubiquitous Apple iPod. SanDisk is slowly making waves in the MP3 player business, and as such, it only makes sense that they release a base station to accompany their Sansa players.

The name of the product isn’t terribly creative (SanDisk Sansa Digital Audio Player Base Station) nor is its primary function (acting as a bridge between your portable music player and your huge home theater set up), but your foot tapping experience just wouldn’t be complete without it, right?

The RCA audio cable plugs into your stereo, the USB 2.0 cable plugs into your computer for song transfers, and the Sansa MP3 player gets its battery all juiced up during the process. They’ve also included a remote for you to control it all from afar.

Compatible with the Sansa e200 and c200, the Base Station will retail for $70 when it hits store shelves next month.