Logitech Harmony 785 controls 150,000 devices


    If you only look at the top half of this behemoth, you may be reminded of the old school Nokia that you rocked a few years back, but a cell phone this certainly is not. Even though it boasts a Samsung-like d-pad in the center, I assure you that this isn’t an overgrown mobile phone. Instead, the Logitech Harmony 785 is the universal remote to end all universal remotes, working with 150,000 different devices from 4,000 different manufacturers.

    While it’ll spend the majority of its time controlling your home theater, television, DVD player, stereo, and VCR (if you still have one of those), the Harmony 785 does even more. The color display, with the aid of the teletext buttons, gives you “easy access to news, sports, [and] weather.”

    I’m not a big fan of the design (it looks like a mad scientist welded a cell phone onto the bottom half of a cordless phone), but you simply cannot beat its functionality. No word on pricing, but if the other Logitech Harmony remotes are any indication, this certainly will not be cheap.