Kenwood car stereos to feature USB

Kenwood car stereos to feature USB


Kenwood is making it easier for all of us to play MP3s in the car.

The venerable car stereo manufacturer has updated its offerings to reflect modern technology once again, adding USB functionality to six new models that will make their debut soon. You can just plug and play, adding MP3s, ACCs, or WMAs to the AM, FM, or CD offerings already included.

Four of the six models have the USB connection on the back of the stereo. The cable comes pre-installed, so that’s not too bad. But if you want the easiest hook-up option, you’ll want one of the other two models, which come with the USB port on the front.

One more thing: Each of these stereos also has the capability of recording. If you really want to, you can plug in that MP3 player, pop in a CD, and use the car stereo to burn your music to disc.

Price and availability details have yet to arrive.