iPod Digital Drumsticks – make your own beats

iPod Digital Drumsticks – make your own beats


Have you always wanted to be a drummer? Do you feel like there is a rock superstar trapped inside your body? You can prove it with the new iPod Digital Drumsticks.

Hammacher Schlemmer is selling the BlueBox MiJam drumsticks for a fair $30. They plug directly into your iPod (or non-Apple variety) and allow you to add a drum track to the tunes you are listening to. Buttons on the sticks let you choose between a wide variety of skins – you can bang on bass drums, or a snare, tom, floor tom, hi-hat and the good old crash cymbal.

You can listen to your drumming masterpieces through your headphones, or you can amaze your friends and family by playing through the stereo. You can even play without other people’s music if it is cramping your style. The sticks have six different background rhythms you can choose from instead.