iLane makes mobile internet hands-free, voice activated

iLane makes mobile internet hands-free, voice activated


Mobile internet makes sense when it comes to staying connected when you’re on the road, but using it while you’re driving is even scarier than talking on the phone behind the wheel. A new system called iLane will help. It is a hands-free, voice activated system that let’s you surf the web while keeping your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

When a mobile device enters your car it is detected by iLane. You can then ask the system to check your e-mail. If you have messages they will be read to you. You can then dictate a reply and even add an attachment without having to look or touch. You can also use the system to manage your calendar or to use your phone to make calls.

This ambitious new system was demonstrated at IFA in Berlin last week. No word when it may hit the market.