Hi-def video with JVC HD Everio camcorder

Hi-def video with JVC HD Everio camcorder


Capturing those precious family moments can be absolutely priceless, and you want to be able to record those unique times as accurately as possible. When standard definition video just won’t do, there is the latest HDD camcorder from JVC, a unit that feels right at home with high-definition movies despite its rather compact size.

Debuting at IFA 2006, the JVC HD Everio packs a hard disk drive of unspecified size, meaning that (hopefully with enough storage space) you will never need to fumble with miniDV tapes, DVD-R discs, or any other media ever again. They’re saying this is the industry’s first HDD-packing HD camcorder.

Don’t expect super complicated controls (or the corresponding super professional results) as the HD Everio is designed with “home recording” in mind. Yes, even Joe Public will be able to operate this.

Simple, portable, and hi-def is what you will receive whenever this hits the market. No word on pricing.