Epson to ship quad of 3LCD ultraportable projectors

Epson to ship quad of 3LCD ultraportable projectors


Epson is ready to provide you with no fewer than four more options when it comes time to make that all important sales presentation. Old school projectors were always a little too bulky, but we are now in an age where everything is ultraportable. The new Epson PowerLite 1700c, 1710c, 1705c, and 1715c are just about as mobile as it gets.

The 3LCD projectors cast out ultra bright images — with lumen ratings as high as 2,700 ANSI — and remain feather-light in the process (the 1700c and 1710c are only 3.5 pounds, whereas the 1705c and 1715c are 3.7 pounds each).

If you love wireless connectivity — and I know you do — then you’ll probably prefer the WiFi-ness of the 1705c and 1715c, both of which can tackle all three flavours of 802.11. Hopping onto the high-speed wireless network, you’ll be able to stream full-screen video at 30fps. If you prefer cables, they also sport Ethernet ports.

Start ups are fast (5 seconds) and shut downs are even faster (thanks to Epson Instant Off Technology).

Look for the $1,299 1700c, $1,799 1710c, $1,499 1705c, and $1,599 1715c to ship sometime this month.