PoPz the beat with P30 portable speakers


    Open up and hear.

    That’s the mantra behind the Travel Sound PoPz P30, a pair of travel speakers from Creative. When closed, they look like a piece of pop art and might fit in well on a mantle or bookshelf. Flip them open, though, and they become speakers.

    They are very lightweight, coming in at just 194 grams. They are also small, measuring just 182x75x87mm when unfolded and booming your favorite tunes. So you can certainly take them with you and not take up much more space than your MP3 player.

    The one drawback we can see is that they are still tethered to the music source via cables. But if you’re plunking them down to groove, you probably won’t mind committing to staying in one place for awhile and so won’t mind hooking up that cable to your iPod or Sansa or whatever other kind of DAP you happen to be carrying around these days.

    You can get the PoPz P30 in blue, pink, grey, or black, for just US$34.