Hands-free Skype calls with Polycom’s Communicator

Hands-free Skype calls with Polycom’s Communicator


At the other end of the VoIP spectrum are the phones that you use when you aren’t mobile. This one is from Polycom, and it has the ubiquitous name of Communicator.

This Skype-based phone is basically a snazzy-looking speakerphone. Click on the Communicator to make or take phone calls, without the hassle of a headset. Built in are two microphones and enough technology to eliminate common room-wide calls, including echo and feedback reduction.

The Communicator works via an integrated USB cable, so you don’t need an AC cord or batteries. The buttons on the device give you all the control you need, including volume adjustments.

Some things to note: The Polycom Communicator has a headphone port, if you really want to have a private conversation. It comes in blue or grey. It retails for US$129.