‘Wi-Fire’ antenna promises range of 1000 feet

‘Wi-Fire’ antenna promises range of 1000 feet


What’s the range of a Wi-Fi antenna? Depends on who you ask.

InField Technologies will tell you that they can give you a range of up to 1000 feet. You’ll have to use their new “Wi-Fire” antenna system, of course, to get that figure, which is more than three times the maximum range commonly found today.

The “Wi-Fire” is a Wi-Fi b/g system that plugs into a USB port and goes to work from there. It’s still in production; but the paperwork has been filed with the FCC, so you might see it sometime soon, like by the beginning of next year.

One thing we can’t help noticing, though: This antenna is rather large. It looks to be larger than most laptops on the market today. It might be lightweight, but it’s still another large thing to carry for surfing wirelessly… unless you’re using a smartphone.