TracNet 100 Mobile: in-vehicle TV and Internet

TracNet 100 Mobile: in-vehicle TV and Internet


It’s not enough to offer DVD viewing for the backseat drivers among us. Now comes the TracNet 100 Mobile, which offers you TV and Internet in the convenience of your vehicle.

One important note up front, before we go any further with this: This package does not arrive with a monitor. You’ll have to hook up your own.

OK, now, KVH Industries brings us all this WWW and IPTV on wheels, a receiver and keyboard system that is its own Wi-Fi hotspot, providing you streaming audio and video while you’re driving down the road (or, perhaps more realistically, parked at the campsite for the weekend). The Web connections are achieved via an EV-DO service from Verizon. The receiver also contains a Wi-Fi hub, so laptops in the area can log on via your hotspot.

If you’re still with me, you can probably afford this so you won’t blink at these numbers: Sticker price is US$1,995, monthly MSN TV Service fee is US$10, and monthly Wireless BroadbandAccess service is US$59.99.