SpyDisk pen sneaks around with internal flash memory

SpyDisk pen sneaks around with internal flash memory


Earlier today, we reported on a wristwatch cell phone, but we already have some more spy goodies for you to consider on your next international espionage adventure. The SpyDisk ballpoint pen does more than scribble down license plates as they roar away from the scene: it’s got flash memory and an SD card reader as well.

The Japanese manufacturer has shoved between 128MB and 512MB of memory within the slim confines of the inker, which can be plugged directly into any computer via standard USB. After sneaking into your rival’s mobile office and “borrowing” his SD card full of secret data, you can simply shove that memory card into the side of the pen and transfer that data to your own laptop. No one will be the wiser.

I guess this thumb drive is a little more inconspicuous than those with bright LEDs, furry exteriors, and Hello Kitty iconography. Prices start at US$24 for the 128MB SpyDisk.