Samsung unveils 3G notebook and UMPC

Samsung unveils 3G notebook and UMPC


Samsung is going 3G with their new notebook and UMPC. The company has ordered the Option GTM351E embedded wireless module for inclusion in both their new Notebook Q40 and a newly updated UMPC.

The GTM351E combines connectivity with HSDPA 2.8 Mbps, UMTS WCDMA (2100 MHz band), and four bands of EDGE/GPRS into a single module, allowing users to get a broadband quality connection almost anywhere in the world.

The new offerings from Samsung will be unveiled at a consumer electronics fair in Berlin starting today. It appears that Samsung will be heavily pushing these new products, trumpeting the ability to connect at a reasonable speed almost anywhere. Though the two new products are at least ready enough to be shown off, Samsung has yet to give us an idea when the products will hit the shelves, or what they will cost when they do make it out.