Pretec unveils the first 8GB SD card

Pretec unveils the first 8GB SD card


When SD cards first emerged they were limited by design to a maximum capacity of 4GB. Then, along came the new SD 2.0 standard which allows significantly much more capacity. Pretec is one of the first companies to take advantage of the new standard, also known as SDHC (for high capacity), with the release of their new 8GB SD card. The card is out in sample form now and will be available in the fourth quarter at a cost of $299.

Now that SD cards are able to achieve higher capacities, the war with CompactFlash will intensify even further. CF advocates that it has always had the capacity potential to fall back on, but that is no longer an issue.

One immediate challenge, though, is that SD 2.0 is not backwards compatible with the original SD format. Pretec will introduce a tool called the SD-Tuner to help with the transition to the new technology.