Maxtek MNT-4300DMB navigates with techie-looking interface


    Navigation is the name of the game, and while the Maxtek MNT-4300DMB has no problem helping you navigate complicated city streets, there is something notably missing from this otherwise attractive, reasonably priced package.

    On the plus side of things, you get a vibrant 4.3-inch touchscreen display that’ll show maps and directions with the best of them, thanks to the integrated SiRF III GPS module housed within. It’ll also rock out T-DMB broadcasts (as its name implies), as well as MP3s and still photos.

    Oh, about the “something missing”: unlike so many other GPS navigators hitting the streets of Tokyo and Seoul, the Maxtek MNT-4300DMB does not do video. Nope, you will not find any PMP goodies under this hood. But hey, at $363, it’s still a pretty decent buy. Maybe it’ll help you actually keep your eyes on the road and not on the latest episode of Entourage.