Freeview TV, DVD watching from Xoro HSD 7500


    Never heard of Xoro? I don’t blame you, ’cause I’ve never heard of them either. I guess with such plain Jane looking designs (if this newest entry is any indication), it would be pretty easy to fly under the radar. But we caught you, my friends, we caught you. The Xoro HSD 7500 may be a portable TV and DVD player with a large 7-inch (480 x 234) LCD, but I think it looks more like an electronic dictionary.

    If you can get past the bland exterior, this thing has some decent entertainment value. DVD movies slide into a slot in the side, but if you want to catch some live programming, you can latch on the detachable Freeview tuner without too much hassle. The tuner comes with auto-scan, Teletext, and an Electronic Programming Guide.

    Good for those long road trips, the Xoro HSD 7500 can get harnessed into the back of your car seat headrest to keep the rugrats entertained (and quiet). Power comes either through the provided car adapter, a standard AC outlet, or via the on-board lithium battery (which hopefully doesn’t burst into flames).

    No pricing or availability information has been released.