Details about iTunes Movie Store leak out

Details about iTunes Movie Store leak out


Details about the inevitable iTunes Movie Store are emerging. My first reaction is that it’s more expensive than I was expecting. Word is that new movies will cost $14.99 and older classics will cost $9.99. Beyond that, details are still scarce.

There’s no word on what kind of compression they will use or how long it will take to get a movie to your iPod. It’s also not known exactly when the service will launch, though it could be here as soon as this month. Rumors of a September 12 announcement are flying around.

One major detail that isn’t known is what movies will be available. There are rumors that one of the major studios, Sony or Universal, are digitizing their catalogue for online sales, but we’re unsure who they are doing it for. iTunes would make sense, but Amazon is also rumored to be ready to jump into the online movie business.