A new town in the palm of your hand: Sim City DS

A new town in the palm of your hand: Sim City DS


You know, I’m just one big hypocrite. My biggest gripe against the Sony PSP is that they just rehash a bunch of PS2 titles and pawn them off as new games. That said, I’m a big fan of the Nintendo DS Lite, citing original gameplay and unique titles, but my favourites are Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing: Wild World, and — most recently — Star Fox Command, all based on earlier titles.

Well, they’re reaching even further back for the next big DS game and it’s not even a Nintendo classic. Before there was Nintendogs, before there was The Sims, there was a metropolis-building game known as Sim City. And now it’s heading to the DS.

The legendary Electronic Arts game is getting the touchscreen treatment (which some consider is almost as good as a keyboard and mouse), but they’re saying that this isn’t simply a port of Sim City 3000. Like we’re supposed to believe that.

You can start from scratch and enter the Build a New City mode, fix an existing one with Save the City, and “trade landmarks” with friends with Sister City.

No date has been set yet.