Mystery Apple announcement on September 12

Mystery Apple announcement on September 12


We don’t know what the announcement will be, but we do know that Apple will be making an announcement of some sort on September 12. That’s the day that Apple Expo 2006 opens in Paris. There was originally not supposed to be a keynote from Apple mucky-mucks as part of the festivities, but Apple has sent out word that there now will be one.

All that’s left now is to speculate what will be announced. The obvious things that will get fanboys worked into a drooling frenzy are an iPhone and a “true” video iPod. Dream on.

With the release of mobile Core 2 Duo processors, it could reasonably be that some Mac offerings are getting an upgrade to go with their new, non-flammable batteries. BusinessWeek Magazine is also reporting that an Apple movie download service will start sometime in September. Whatever the announcement is, you can guarantee that we will hear enough about it to make us sick in coming weeks.

Update 09/12/2006: Read Apple remasters iPod family: 5.5G Video, aluminium Nano, tinier Shuffle