Miuro – a robot for your iPod

Miuro – a robot for your iPod


It seems like there is a dozen new iPod accessories released every day, but what we haven’t seen so far is a robot. Well, the long wait is over. Miuro is a Japanese robot designed around your iPod, because who hasn’t wished they had a dancing boombox on wheels?

The machine (kinda looks like a ball hatching from an egg, doesn’t it?) is 14 inches long, and comes in your choice of white, black, yellow or red. Sound is pumped out through Kenwood speakers. The iPod locks into the top of the machine, and the Miuro (the name comes form “music innovation based on utility robot technology”) can also receive tunes from a PC via wireless signals.

The Miuro is controlled by a handheld remote. You can add an optional camera and a sensor which will let the robot map its position and remember its routes. The robot certainly isn’t cheap – about $930 – but despite that, the manufacturers aim to sell 10,000 of them in the first year.