iPod alarm clock doubles as phone center

iPod alarm clock doubles as phone center


The number of iPod accessories and related items seems to show no signs of slowing down. Every once in a while, however, one of them comes along that deserves more than one or two glances.

Such is the case with the NW402, which is being is billed as the Bedside Phone Center with Dock for iPod. It is much more than that as well.

The phone center comes with two speakerphone-enabled handsets, a 50-number digital phonebook, a digital answering machine, and call waiting capability. The built-in clock has an alarm system, with dual snooze alarms and a two-hour sleep timer. This being an iPod device, you can program the alarm to have you wake up to music from the iPod, which can charge from the built-in dock.

All of these functions can be controlled with the included wireless remote control. The other thing to notice is that the whole thing is a bit large, but it has to be in order to hold all that functionality. You’ll need a large bedside table to plop this machine down on.

The price on this one is US$249, and you can get one here.