iDrive joystick heading to Mini Coopers next year


    The iDrive system from BMW has received mixed reviews since they first introduced it some time back. Some people love its utter simplicity; others find the interface cumbersome and unintuitive. Well, it seems that they’re taking the iDrive to a whole different kind of car: the Mini Cooper. They’ve made a few alterations for the transition though, the most notable of which being the removal of the large round knob.

    Instead, for the 2007 Mini Cooper, they’re opting for what appears to be a video game joystick. I suspect that the interface will be much the same, so if you hated the original iDrive, the new version is very unlikely to win you over. Perhaps most interesting of all, however, is that the automaker made no mention of this inclusion at the initial unveiling of the 07 Mini. It’s almost like they know…

    Fear not. It seems this iDrive-like technology is optional equipment, so you won’t be forced to figure out that twig.