Fujitsu unveils perpendicular magnetic recording drives

Fujitsu unveils perpendicular magnetic recording drives


Fujitsu has turned classical thinking on its head. The electronics giant has released two mobile hard disk drives that practice perpendicular magnetic recording.

The technicalities are this: The MHW2080AT is a 80GB Parallel ATA drive, and the MHW2160BH is a 160GB Serial ATA drive.

Perpendicular recording is a technique that can produce up to 10 times the storage density of traditional methods. Such technology is not a new idea but is a recent innovation in the realm of high-density drives.

Such an increase in density and storage possibility will no doubt be welcomed by users of desktops and notebooks alike. In fact, a Fujitsu spokesperson has announced that the 160GB drives will begin appearing in notebook OEMs early next year.