Commodore unveils two Gravel entertainment systems

Commodore unveils two Gravel entertainment systems


Commodore is back. My first computer was a C64 and I’m still nostalgic about it. Now the brand is back with devices that have more memory and processing power than a room full of their original machines. They first unveiled a pretty unimpressive MP3 player (the Mpet II), but now Commodore is showing off two Commodore Gravel entertainment systems that seem to do some impressive tricks.

The Commodore Gravel in Pocket is a pocket-sized (obviously) multimedia device. It features built-in Wi-Fi, and can support all of the major audio and video formats, playing them back on a 2.8-inch TFT screen. It comes with 1GB or 2GB internal flash memory, which is a bit lame, but that can be improved by SD card. It claims to be the first high quality flash video device which plays full screen, full motion video.

The Commodore Gravel in Home lets you access Video on Demand, Replay TV and streaming music on your TV. It has an 80GB hard drive.

Both of the Gravels can access content via the soon to be unveiled Commodore World website. No word yet on the cost of the devices or the content.