VW Westfalia completely re-imagined


    The VW Westfalia is the ultimate in hippie chic. A Canadian designer is looking to re-imagine the Westfalia and bring it into the most modern of times. Alexandre Verdier has designed the new vehicle and is looking for a corporate partner to make it a reality.

    The Westfalia had a poptop that opened on an angle to provide more space. In this new form, the poptop opens straight up, and it has solar panels on top to power whatever you want to power in the van (a hydroponic growing operation if you’re a true hippie). The passenger seat folds down to become stairs to access the upper level. A kitchenette swings out of the van so that you can cook up your granola without being cramped or in danger of burning your van down.

    The modern and creative design only exists on paper for now, but a prototype won’t be far off if funding can be found. The world of hippies may never be the same again.