TeleNav GPS Navigator update finds businesses, fuel, Wi-Fi

TeleNav GPS Navigator update finds businesses, fuel, Wi-Fi


Handheld navigators, rejoice! TeleNav has an update to their mobile phone navigation service that has just about everything you would need, including the Holy Grail of nav services: a Wi-Fi hotspot finder.

That’s right, you can drive down the road (or walk down the street) and have your phone point out hotspots to you.

The TeleNav GPS Navigator 5.0 also includes 3D, full color, moving maps, like the ones that you see in those spy movies. Accompanying the maps are either voice or visual directions, turn-by-turn and punctuated with real-time construction and traffic updates. You can also specify directions preferences, such as “Avoid Highways in Favor of Streets”.

For the forgetful among us, there’s the Parking Spot Marker, which you can set yourself via a set of GPS coordinates. No more surfing the parking lot looking for your vehicle.

You can also find the lowest gas prices within a five-mile radius and get spot-on directions right to a wide range of businesses, including restaurants, hotels, and ATMs.

Here’s the ultimately important news: It’s available for a large handful of carriers and phones. You can get this service for just US$9.99 a month. Check out more options here.