Smartphone ‘scream’ the latest in security features


    I scream. You scream. Your phone screams when it’s stolen. That’s right, you can make your mobile phone scream if it falls into the wrong hands.

    The “annoying and embarrassing high-pitched wail” comes courtesy of a U.K. company called Synchronica. The service is called Mobile Manager, and the wail is one of its features.

    You can also remotely lock and wipe your phone, courtesy of the good folks at Synchronica. You’ll need to have a smartphone, of course; they won’t do it for just any old phone. And you’ll need to be running either Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC Phone Edition or Windows Mobile 5.

    If you fit those criteria and want to sign up for the service, then be our guest. But please don’t try that wail out on your family and friends. It’s for serious business only.