Go glow or get out: Sony Ericsson W43S mobile phone

Go glow or get out: Sony Ericsson W43S mobile phone


A phone with big chrome accents? A large external color display? Blinking lights? Pfft, you ain’t got nothing unless you pick up the Sony Ericsson W43S: the cell phone that glows. You’ll surely be the life of the party with his number, as there are no fewer than 16 different skins available — from wood grain to what looks like snow flakes — all of which can light up the room with the 12 LEDs hidden under the surface.

On the tech spec sheet, you’ll find a 2 megapixel camera, 2.7-inch (internal) color display, and an integrated MP3 player that’ll rock the tunes for up to 24 hours straight. It’s too bad, though, that because you have a glowing phone, you don’t have an external screen to check the caller ID before flipping open the clamshell.

The Sony Ericsson W43S is being touted as “Style Up” and it certainly carries a substantial level of pizzazz and chic-ness. Too bad it’s a Japan-only handset, available through the folks at KDDI.