Epson photo viewers: faster, brighter, more memory


    Epson continues to improve its photo viewers.

    The interface has gotten easier to use. The body is a bit larger and easier to hold, with a bigger screen as well and button layouts that are more intuitive.

    Speed has been improved. The company says that the two models, the P-3000 and the P-5000, are 250 percent faster than the two older models, the P-2000 and the P-4000.

    Epson also says its has a four-color filter capable of reproducing 16 million colors. That’s probably enough to tell which of your family members is smiling the most.

    Then, there’s memory. The P-3000 packs 40GB and the P-5000 stores up to 80GB. They also have CompactFlash and SD slots, for even more storage.

    Throw in the usual suspects of a wide range of format capability and the opportunity to show videos even on a connected TV, and you have a pair of photo viewers that do their job quite well.

    You can’t get your hands on these just yet, however. Epson says they’ll launch at a more holiday-friendly time. You can write down the prices now, though: That’ll be US$499 for the P-3000 and US$699 for the P-5000.