Cutting Scale: a cutting board with built-in scale


    So you’re slicing and dicing and you have to keep going back and forth from the cutting board to the scale. The recipe calls for exactly 35 grams of this ingredient or precisely 1/8 cup of that ingredient. So you chop and you pick up and place on the scale, then you chop some more…

    Noted forward-looking designer Jim Termeer has come up with an innovation that combines all of that into one handy process. It is sensibly named the Cutting Scale, and it is a cutting board with a scale built right in.

    The Cutting Scale measures 10″ x 15″ and looks like any other cutting board, except for the red circle and text on the right side. At rest, that text reads 00g. Put something on it, however, and you have a measurement of how much that something weighs, exactly. No more shuffling between cutting board and measuring device. The Cutting Scale is both.

    We can think of just one drawback: You’ll get this thing out just to show other people. Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.