Wi-Fi Alliance to start certifying 802.11n products

Wi-Fi Alliance to start certifying 802.11n products


802.11n is finally going to be let loose. Or at least partly let loose. The Wi-Fi Alliance has announced that they will begin certifying products using an early version of the 802.11n wireless standard early next year. The 802.11n standard should be fully ratified in 2008.

The development has been pushed for by manufacturers because of the speeds it can provide in homes. Web pages can be downloaded at speeds of up to 100 megabits per second, downright speedy compared to the typical 25 Mbps currently in use. The new standard will also allow users to functionally send high definition video around their homes without the need for wires. That ability will spawn countless new products and applications, being built into everything from computers to TVs.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is a group made up of heavyweights in the wireless industry — including Intel, Texas Instruments, Cisco and Motorola — and it is responsible for certifying Wi-Fi products heading to market.