Video of Philips READUS device in action

Video of Philips READUS device in action


Here we are at the next frontier in mobile entertainment and information. While cell phones, PDAs, and PMPs cannot possibly have displays larger than the devices themselves, the Philips READUS has a stealthy roll-out screen (check out the video to see what I mean) that is flexible and lightweight. Utilizing technology from E Ink Corp, the electronic ink display is said to be “easy to read, even in bright daylight”.

When you’re done reading whatever you’re reading, you simply roll the 5-inch QVGA display back in, and you’ve got yourself something that’s about the same size as the average cell phone on the market (100 x 60 x 20mm). Much better than unfolding and struggling with a full-size newspaper.

The working prototype is, unfortunately, just monochrome with four different shades of gray, but the company representative did mention that they are working on larger displays as well as those with color capabilities and even a touchscreen interface. In the meantime, you should really restrict yourself to simple text, electronic maps, and the like.