TEAC goes retro (again), releases iPod-loving R-1B stereo

TEAC goes retro (again), releases iPod-loving R-1B stereo


You could always buy a glossy white speaker set to go with your new glossy white music player, but where’s the fun in that? Those of you who love the eclectic look, meshing something old with something new, something borrowed with something blue (no wait, that’s for a bride…), you can’t really go wrong with hooking yourself up with a retro stereo from TEAC.

TEAC is doing the vintage look yet once more, this time unveiling the nostalgic R-1B stereo. With its simple single dial and understated functional appearance, it will certainly win over a few hearts. After all, it looks almost like those early transistor radios that my dad used to talk about, the ones that he’d lust over in front of the pawn shop window. I’m not much of a fan myself, but to each his own.

The auxiliary input jack will tackle any audio source you throw at it, including the ubiquitous iPod. You can also enjoy standard AM/FM radio here. There isn’t a lot of power backing up the R-1B though, with a meagre 1.5 watts of output. If you happen to stroll through Tokyo, you can get one now for US$90, but if you can wait, there appears to be an American offering in the works.