Smoking to be banned in California cars

Smoking to be banned in California cars


Remember a few decades ago when smoking was glorified by Hollywood movies, hooking a good number of teenagers (at the time) to addictive nicotine? Well, things are quite different these days. Smokers are routinely persecuted for their unhealthy habit, holed up in chained-off sections in restaurants, told to butt out at local pool halls, and booted out of shopping malls.

If a new bill passes in California, smokers will have one fewer place to light up: their cars. This bill recently received a 23-14 vote in its favor, sending it over to the Assembly for further debate.

Smoking won’t be outright banned in moving vehicles, but would rather outlaw the nicotine in any car with a child in a child seat.

This is said to “protect the health of children who cannot protect themselves,” but unlike the smoking ban in public places, one’s car is quite private. At the same time, we disallow child neglect and abuse, and in a sense, endangering a child with second-hand smoke can be thought of in the same light.