REGEN concept puts an MP3 player in a yo-yo

REGEN concept puts an MP3 player in a yo-yo


The Smothers Brothers would be in heaven with the REGEN concept MP3 player. Those yo-yoing freaks would never need batteries or a charger to listen to all of their MP3 tunes.

The REGEN MP3 player on the yo-yo is powered just by, well, yo-yoing. 10 or 12 yo-yo tosses per hour are enough to keep your tunes running without interruption. You don’t have to worry about cords getting all tangled up, either: Bluetooth wireless headphones are included for your hearing pleasure.

Obviously, the REGEN concept is designed with durability in mind. If you hit the floor or the wall accidentally while doing your fancy tricks, your player will be fine. The MP3s won’t skip either as you are doing your yo-yo thing. The concept has capacity for about 200 songs, and is simple to use, requiring only the effort of a single hand to make it work.

Sounds like just the thing we all need – and just the thing we will never see.