RAZR to get tattoos

RAZR to get tattoos


Have you been watching Miami Ink? Are you into tattoos, but too chicken to get one yourself? Motorola has an answer for you – they will be releasing tattooed versions of their much-loved RAZR.

Ami James, the star of the cable TV hit Miami Ink, has designed the tats for the phones. The designs will be laser etched onto the aluminum phones. I guess it means that people will know that you are bad-ass just by looking at your phone. Or something like that.

There’s no word on how many different designs James has come up with. Motorola also isn’t letting us know when they will be available or what it will cost us to be this cool. All I know is that you will want to get one as soon as they get out so that you can be cool and unique for a while until everyone has one and they lose all of their coolness. If you are looking to become really cool maybe you should get a tattoo on your skin to match your phone.