Honda: ethanol less fuel-efficient, low priority

Honda: ethanol less fuel-efficient, low priority


Just because Toyota and Ford are doing it doesn’t mean that Honda will follow suit. That is definitely the case with ethanol, which the former two see as a viable alternative to petroleum power, but which the latter says isn’t worth the effort.

A statement making the rounds from a high-ranking American Honda official calls ethanol “less efficient from a fuel-economy standpoint.” That probably means that Honda doesn’t think it can make as much money on ethanol as it can on hybrid- and diesel-powered vehicles, things that the company is throwing itself into at the moment.

What is significant, of course, is that we’re having this sort of public debate at all. Rather than continuing to rely on dwindling resources, Honda is exploring other options, most publicly the aforementioned hybrid and diesel. That is a good sign, at least.