Disney jumps into portable gaming with GAMEiT!

Disney jumps into portable gaming with GAMEiT!


Disney is set to jump into the portable video game market with a set of devices called Disney GAMEiT! Yes, the (nearly) all caps format and exclamation point are part of the official name. A little annoying, I know.

The devices, made by the same folks behind the VG Pocket, can work either as truly portable gamers — launching one of the 12 “new and unique” titles on the 2.5-inch LCD screen — or as home consoles by hooking them up to a big screen TV. You’ll find a 16-bit processor for 3D graphics and a couple of built-in speakers for the cutesy-wootsy soundtrack. The button layout is about as standard as it gets, with a video game “joystiq” (no relation to the popular gaming blog) on the left and a pair of action buttons on the right.

Marketed at kids 6 and older, the GAMEiT! will come in two varieties, one featuring classic characters (Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, etc.) and the other with a different set of characters (Little Mermaid, Lucifer, Fotsam, etc.). Look for both versions to go on sale next month for $40 each, with “starter kits” (for accessories like an A/V cable, carrying case, and so on) going for $15 more.