Yoto T-21 – a nice PMP for just $50


    Fifty bucks doesn’t buy much these days, and when it comes to electronics, it almost never buys you anything you would actually want. That could change with the Yoto T-21. For just about $50, you can get this Chinese made portable media player which has 1GB of on-board memory. If it seems familiar, it’s because it looks and acts a fair bit like the iRiver Clix. The biggest difference is that the Clix costs four times as much.

    The Yoto T-21 has a 2-inch QVGA screen which lets you play your movies and AVI files. Moreover, you can listen to MP3s, check out your photos, and listen to the radio thanks to the built-in FM tuner.

    There’s a catch, of course. This device might be hugely attractive because of the price, but it becomes less attractive when you factor in the cost of the flight to China, because you can’t buy it outside of Asia yet, and you likely never will be able to. Our loss.