Xantrex PowerSource Mobile 100 juices up portable devices

Xantrex PowerSource Mobile 100 juices up portable devices


While those climbing up the corporate ladder are usually the power hungry types that would love nothing more than to have a huge staff at their beck and call, the team at Xantrex is much more inclined to give power away. Xantrex Technology wants all your gadgets to stay topped up everywhere you go: their new PowerSource Mobile 100 is touted as “the only handheld power system that can operate multiple electronic products at different voltage and power levels.”

The compact (weighs about a pound and is about the size of a laptop battery) unit will not only provide juice to your iPod and other USB-powered devices through its pair of USB ports, but there is also an AC outlet for you to power up just about everything else out there. They’re saying you can give extra life to your cell phone, MP3 player and laptop, all at the same time. In fact, laptops get 2 hours of juice, portable gaming systems get 12 hours, and an iPod nano will keep going and going with an extra 72 hours of power.

If you must know, there’s a “high output lithium ion battery” within, but there haven’t been any reports of unexpected fires or explosions yet.

The XPower by Xantrex PowerSource Mobile 100 (its full name is quite a mouthful, eh?) will be available through the usual suspects, like Amazon, Buy.com, and Fry’s Electronics. Pick one up for $129.99.