Robot store to open in Japan

Robot store to open in Japan


Having trouble finding a reliable place to buy your robots and robot-related items? Move to Japan. The world’s first store dedicated entirely to the sale of robots will be opening in Nagoya in October.

The futuristic retail complex will be part of a new robot museum, so you can be educated at the same time as you shop for a new humanoid butler. The store will reportedly stock about 1000 items, ranging from complete (and likely advanced) robots down to the smallest of parts and accessories.

The store’s featured product will be the Nuvo, a 35 cm tall robot which is controlled by remote or cell phone. It can recognize and respond to your voice and you can even make it dance with you, which is great if you are lonely and pathetic. It certainly won’t come cheap, though – the price tag is more than $5,000. If that’s too steep, there are reportedly a wide range of robot themed cell phone straps which will be more affordable.