Philips GoGear SA13335 MP3 player is a clamshell


    For whatever reason, this newest MP3 player from Philips makes me think of the glossy appearance of Sony’s players or their gorgeous Z610 clamshell phone. Maybe it’s the “elegant mirror surface”, but whatever the case, I think I like it. The Philips GoGear SA13335 takes on the standard small form factor we expect from DAPs these days, but at just 40 grams, you’ll barely notice it hanging off of your neck.

    You can’t really tell from the picture, but the official product page is telling me that the SA13335 features a clamshell form factor. A little strange for an MP3 player, methinks. Anyways, you’ll get WMA support (including PlaysForSure) to go with its 1GB flash memory, FM radio (including the ability to record), and mono microphone for voice recording.

    The four-color OLED display won’t win any awards, but it does do what it needs to do (and does it well). Battery life is rated at 12 hours and there are six pre-set equalizers. No word on pricing or availability.