Lexus LS to feature advanced collision detection system

Lexus LS to feature advanced collision detection system


Certain models of the Lexus LS will soon be sporting collision detection systems, courtesy of Toyota.

One is a forward-facing system, which features a stereo camera that can identify child-sized objects and respond by tightening the driver’s seat belt and, if that doesn’t get the driver to slow down, decelerate dramatically on its own. The camera works aT night as well as during the day.

The other is a rear-facing radar system that monitors the area around the rear of the car and warns the driver of an impending collision by flashing the hazard lights and moving the headrests forward to protect the driver’s and passenger’s necks, and reduce the risk of whiplash.

In some cases, the forward-racing system includes a mechanism to trigger the rear-facing system as well, for better protection all around.

The Lexus LS models with these safety modifications will go on sale in Japan in September. Details on availability in Europe and the U.S. are slim.