Be different, get value-packed Trekstor Vibez DAP


    If you’re one of the types that will buy anything but an iPod, then this new digital audio player may be for you. Trekstor has unveiled the Vibez MP3 player, a strange-looking unit with some pretty good value. Its round, bulbous design is certainly a departure from the styles we’ve seen in the past, but that’s not its only appeal. The Vibez boasts plenty of file support, including love for FLAC and Ogg Vorbis formats, in addition to the standard MP3 and WMA stuff you have floating around on your hard drive.

    The color display, although not the biggest out there (you wouldn’t want it to be that big anyways, because it would make the player a little too chunky for its own good), is great for JPEG picture viewing, though there doesn’t appear to be any support for squinty-eyed video watching. Rounding out the features is a wired controller and (we think) an FM tuner for when you’re tired of your own library of tunes.

    Destined for the streets of Europe in November, the Trekstor Vibez DAP will be available in 8GB and 15GB varieties for about $254 and $292, respectively. No word on a North American launch.