Aiptek My Note: old school feel, new school tech


    Pen and paper may seem so yesterday, but let’s face it: old habits die hard. Some of us have a much easier time jotting down a quick note on a Post-It than we do whipping out Microsoft Word to do the same. This can be especially true when it comes to thumbnail sketches. Well, if you’re in for a traditional feel but with some techie stuff to back it up, then the Aiptek My Note could be right up your alley, because it’s a “digital notepad that lets you take down notes anytime, anywhere.” It may look like a standard clipboard with a piece of paper attached, but it’s so much more than that.

    It’s not quite a tablet PC, but they are marketing the My Note as being ideal for collecting quick data, both in portrait and landscape orientations. The “sheet” is the standard 8.5 x 11 letter size that we’re all accustomed to (A4 for you European folk), and it saves your notes as single pages, so to speak. This way, when you’re ready to share, back up, or what have you, you can easily upload the information (via USB) to your Windows PC for post-processing.

    You’ll find 32MB of internal memory, but if that doesn’t cover you, you can always expand via SD memory cards. It does seem that you are limited to storing 135 digital “leaves” however. No word on pricing, but we do hear that battery life can be as good as 20 hours. Look for more deets at IFA, Berlin early next month. Just don’t let me catch you trying to draw happy faces with your Sharpie.