The HumanCar – high speed pedal-powered fun

The HumanCar – high speed pedal-powered fun


I always resent having passengers in my car. I’m doing all the work – buying the car, paying for the gas, driving the car – and all they are doing is sitting there. Not anymore if I were to get a HumanCar.

The HumanCar is a four-wheeled pedal-powered car (creative name, I know). That isn’t a new idea, but this one is more impressive than most. It combines the pedal power of the two passengers in the back seat with an electric engine to reach some truly impressive speeds: this thing can hit 60 mph downhill.

The two people in the front seat are responsible for steering, which they accomplish by leaning in the direction that they want to go. Obviously the HumanCar isn’t going to replace your minivan anytime soon, and it isn’t practical unless you have three friends you go everywhere with, but it is certainly a fresh take on alternative fuel for vehicles.