Some MacBooks shutdown randomly

Some MacBooks shutdown randomly


The commercials tell us that Macs are much easier to use than PCs and never have any problems. The commercials apparently lie, because some MacBook owners are experiencing some very frustrating random shutdowns.

Apple message boards are full of people who have complained about the Macs’ own quaint version of the dreaded blue screen of the death. Though no one seems to know why this is happening exactly, there are some theories and some remedies that are working for some.

One user found that the problem went away if he removed the top case of the machine, and that is seemed to be less of a problem if he loosened the screws which attached it. After experimentation, he found that the bottom screw holding the case on was the culprit. If it was too tight, the machine took random and inconvenient naps; loosening it made the problem go away. Another user found that the problem came about because of the defective battery issue that Apple remedied earlier in the year; a new battery solved his problem.

Still, it’s another bit of bad press for a company that has struggled with the MacBooks since they came out.