Screenshot of Nacho Libre for Nintendo DS

Screenshot of Nacho Libre for Nintendo DS


The Nintendo DS has got plenty of games that you simply can’t live without, from frantic kart racing involving turtle shells to learning how to perform live-saving surgery. What the dual-screened gaming machine is missing, however, is a good wrestling title. Nacho Libre for the NDS is a wrestling title, but it might be a little too goofy, a little too exaggerated, even for Jack Black’s own good.

Based on the (somewhat) popular movie of the same name, Nacho Libre gets you take on the role of a friar cum cook who has always dreamed about donning the Mexican luchador mask and getting himself into the sexy world of wrestling. Yes, you can play this game as Jack Black and yes, you do real wrestling moves (sort of).

The provided screenshot is a little — how should I put this — disappointing. Granted the DS is no graphical powerhouse, but they can do better than those cheesy audience cut-outs on the bottom, can’t they? And the seemingly 2D action above won’t exactly stop you in your tracks either.